Good Lord!!!


Very recently, Zac took three shots of anti-rabies vaccine, on different schedules.

I was totally aware how expensive an anti-rabies vaccine is, but we are after his safety.

It was August 1, 2013, we're heading off to a pool party and was about to leave. We suddenly heard our cat screaming. Zac was holding the cat. And just before he threw it - the cat had already scratched him. It wasn't that deep but it's a long scratch and it was bleeding.

I immediately washed it with soap and water until the bleeding stops. I knew how dangerous a cat scratch is and I was hesitant to go to the party after the incident. 

We still went on and everyone had fun, including Janelle and Zac. As soon as we got home, me and my husband talk about our next plan.

We were not aware that my husband's mom was already talking to one of our public officials. She discovered that they're heading to Malolos Provincial Hospital to assist someone who was attacked and bitten by a dog.

Good LORD!

Without hesitations, we went with them in the middle of the night to get to the hospital and get Zac treated. We were given the scheduled dates for the vaccine. It was such a relief.

The first shot was free. The second vaccine was donated. Then, we had to buy the last vaccine.

I was wrong thinking that all politicians are corrupt. This has proven me that there are still few good public servants here in the Philippines, willing to serve their people.

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