A Miracle of God


This is Zac, days after birth. Who would have thought that he would survive all the pain he had gone through?

He instantly had to suffer from the pain of needles. It was such a painful thing to see, especially for a mother, but I need to understand that it's for the better.

After two months, he was diagnosed of Bronchopneumonia and had to stay in the hospital for two weeks.

For the second time around, I had to witness him on needles again. It was excruciating for me! I can only pray for his safety and speedy recovery. At that point, I knew that he's a very strong baby.

After nine months, he had a major surgery after learning that he had a hernia on his genitals. Once again, he had survived this stage of his life. I wasn't surprised at all because his strengths from the moment he was born had proven me that he can survive anything.

And now he turned four, he is really an epitome of MIRACLE. Even if he's so pesky, I can bear with it. I can endure all his stubbornness and mood swings. He will always be our "baby boy".

Happy Birthday Zac!

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