Evaluation Day


A few days back, we went to Starflight Development Center for Special Children for Zac's evaluation. This was a referral from Dr. Jack Herrin.

He needs to be evaluated before we can enroll him for this month's therapy. We were there 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment. He had enough time to play around before the evaluation. The school has its own playtime corner were kids can play before and after sessions.

The evaluation was pretty much the same with the assessment we had with Dr. Jack. There were series of tests; motor skills and intellectual. Zac had fun because it's as if they're just playing. Then, we were instructed to wait for another text message as to when will the session starts. Yesterday, I got a message from Teacher Gennie informing us about our schedule. 

This is yet another milestone on Zac's journey. Let's all wish what's best for him! Until then...

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