Back to School


Summer is over and the kids are getting ready for school!

School preparation has never been easy. We all had to deal with long lines at the counter, crowded malls and traffic whenever we had to go shopping in this time of the year. But when it comes to finding affordable school supplies, Divisoria is my go-to place. It has a wide selection of products and you'll get great deals everywhere.
And what's good about this year, I didn't have to spend a single cent for school supplies. Thanks to Janelle's piggy bank.

It's been a year now since we bought some piggy banks because I wanted to start teaching my kids about the importance of saving money. I want them to be financially responsible.

When I told Janelle that we're going to use her savings for her school supplies, she didn't hesitate. But I felt like I needed to let her know why we are actually saving. I also had to emphasize that it's her money and because of what she did, she got herself a new bag. And my point is, I wanted her to feel involved. She just smiled and I saw a look of accomplishment in her eyes. And I'm just so happy.

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