Way To Go!


A month ago, Zac started attending occupational therapy. He has gone 8 sessions for the month of May. It's very similar to attending a regular school but it's a one-on-one tutorial and the lessons are individualized.

After every session, the therapist would discuss how the therapy went. He would also inform me about Zac's behavior during the class. The lessons are all written in a journal for the parent's reference.

Definitely, I can say that Zac has improved a lot — from his behavior to his daily routine. He's been communicating better than before.

And we even got some few instructions from the therapist, in which we have to focus on four basic things.

Potty training,
Eating alone using spoon and fork,
Drinking alone using bottles, or cups; and
Dressing up alone.
So far, Zac can only do 2 out of this 4 tasks but I still consider this as one of his accomplishments! Good job, Zac! Way to go!

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