Flu Months


Whenever the weather makes drastic changes, from hot morning to rainy afternoon and vice versa, kids get sick instantly.

Zac caught colds and flu last month. He had to rest and take medicines for an entire week, which also means no school for him. He recovered easily but not too long enough, Janelle take turns, as she got sick just a few weeks ago. I initially though it was a kid's flu or tonsillitis 'cause she is complaining about body ache and sore throat. I worried a lot because it comes with high fever that won't go away. So after two days of some simple home remedies, we head off to the hospital for a check up.

Thursday, 2 Oct 2014:
We were advised to get a blood test. It turns out she has a bacterial infection so the doctor prescribed her some oral medicines: Ambroxol and Cefalexin to be taken in 7 days, and advised us to come back by Saturday or next Wednesday, if her condition doesn't change.

Wednesday, 8 Oct 2014: 
Janelle's fever were gone but she started coughing badly so we went back to the hospital by Wednesday. The doctor requested for an x-ray but we won't get the result the same day so she told us to see her by Saturday, so she can see the result and prescribe the right medicines for her. For the time being, she prescribed a Clarithromycin, in replacement of Cefalexin, to be taken in 3 days, and Cetirizine.

Saturday, 11 Oct 2014:
By Saturday, we already have the x-ray result, and based on the notation written, Janelle had a primary infection. The doctor told us that she still has to undergo a PPD test to really detect whether she has a primary complex or not. It looks like a simple skin test, but it will take 3 days to see the result which means we still have to get back the following Tuesday.

Tuesday, 14 Oct 2014:
Janelle had to skip her morning class just to see the doctor by Tuesday. The PPD (purified protein derivative) test shows that Janelle doesn't have a primary complex, and she doesn't have to take the 6 months oral medication. The doctor said that we just have to cure her cough and phlegm. She gave another prescription, Salbutamol and Cetirizine (to be taken for 5 days). But we still have to get back on Saturday, for another check up. The doctor said she will give Janelle some vitamins when she gets better.

Janelle is getting better now! Thanks to the power of prayers! Amen...

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