Clickfair Shuts Down


Clickfair has officially announced about their merged with their sister site, RewardingWays ( on March 21, 2015. And even before the merge, I requested for a balance transfer to my existing Rewarding Ways account.

Here's their official announcement:

Exciting News! Clickfair is merging with our sister site on 21st March 2015!

Why are we merging?
– There is already a large crossover group of users earning on both Clickfair & RewardingWays.
– RewardingWays has more worldwide offers & earning opportunities, plus many more great features. We have all your favourite offerwalls plus many more available. Rewardingways has more PTC ads and access to contests, promo codes and other great ways to earn.
– RewardingWays members earn a full 25% from referrals on everything.
– Rewardingways offers faster payments and a more flexible payment system. Payments are made in only a few hours, and Instant paypal is available for qualifying members. There are no restrictions on the number of requests you can make and there is a low set cash out level of just $1.00.
– Ultimately, we feel RewardingWays is a better website for all our worldwide members to earn online today and in the future.
What Happens Next?
With the exception of Forums (No New posts or comments Permitted) and Offerwalls (removed from the site with Immediate effect), all other areas of the site will continue to operate as normal until the 20th March. Any adverts you have running will continue to run, any clicks you make will be credited as normal for you and any referrals you have.
Clickfair will close & merge completely with RewardingWays on 21st March 2015. Action as shown below needs to be completed before midnight on 20th March. On 21st March the site will close and no further access or transactions on the accounts will be permitted. We will not be held responsible for any anyone failing to take appropriate action on their account prior to closure.

Action Required by 20th March 2015
All members should cashout any earnings balance prior to 20th March 2015. Alternatively you can request a *balance transfer* to your New or Exisiting Rewardingways account using the support ticket system. If you do not yet meet the latest cash out level applicable to your account then you should also request a balance transfer (no exceptions). There will be no fee applied for any balance transfers.
(*Balance Transfer* requests can only be made to a Rewardingways account in your name. Details on your and accounts must match exactly and for security no address changes will be allowed on your Clickfair account from today – No exceptions.)

Existing Premium Memberships 
Upgraded members can request a Pro-Rata Refund on their Premium membership which represents the remainder of your membership (rounded up to the nearest month) to be added to their account balance. To request the refund, please raise a support ticket.

Refund Examples
Premium Membership expires 15th April 2015
You would receive a 1 full month refund (based on the price you paid for 12 months membership) representing 1 month for March 21st – 15th April.
Premium Membership expires 25th June 2015
You would receive 4 full months refund (based on the price you paid for 12 months membership) representing 3 months from 21st March – 20th June + 1 month for 20th June – 25th June.

Purchase Balance
If you have any purchase balance on your account, this can be used to purchase ads here until 14th March 2015. Alternatively you can contact us about purchasing advertising on Rewardingways. Please raise a support ticket to discuss. There will be no transfer of purchase balance to account balance or your rewardingways account. It can only be used for the purchase of advertising.

PTS Ads can be left running for as long as you wish, but you should request the ad to be cancelled and refund added to your account for unused credits prior to 20th March 2015.

Our goal is to keep all members happy with this change so please direct all questions via the Clickfair support ticket system (requests received at rewardingways will be redirected to Clickfair).

We would like to thank every single member of Clickfair for supporting us this past 2 years and hope to see you all at to continue earning money online.

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