Summer Time!


It's summer time!

Who would have thought that you can enjoy summer with very little time to prepare. Picking the right summer destination is quite hard given a short span of time. My husband is a musician and is always out for events and gigs. And summer is usually the peak season for weddings so he only had a few days off from his work. So when he told me to pack stuffs and we're going out for our summer outing, I'm like..."OK! But where?!?" And he's like, "Oh yeah, I haven't thought about that."

So I had to use my ninja skills to make this happen. We both wanted a place where the kids will surely have fun because we felt like summer is really for the kids. It also serves as their reward for doing great in school. So after doing a quick research, we decided to go to Amana Waterpark and Resort, which is about an hour away from home.

We were right after all. Not only did the kids enjoy the "tsunami waves" (as they call it), we also had fun going from one pool to another, which I guess is about 13 or 14. The place was really big and there's a lot to explore.

And wait, there's more — they also have lots of attraction such as Jurassic Theme Park, Bumble Bee, Zip Line, Toy Museum, Indoor Pools, and Philippine inspired cottages (Tagaytay, Boracay, Subic, etc.).

There are still spaces under renovation and being developed so I'm expecting new attractions next year. We all had fun especially the kids and we'll definitely come back. 

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