All About Sacrifice!!


Having a child with special needs is not that simple.

The truth is, it's really tough at times. In most cases, it's a 24/7 job because I have to keep an eye on Zac as he does a lot of disturbing things that needs full attention. As a parent, I have to be physical present and emotionally stable for him. But that's not all....

If you are thinking of seeing a developmental pediatrician for your kid, you must also be financially prepared. Doctor's fee varies from Php 3,000 up to Php 12,000. Private schools for special children cost from Php 3,000/month. Some schools charge Php 500/session, and it's one per session. 

Last June 2015, I initially enrolled Zac at Starflight Development Center for Special Children in Guiguinto, Bulacan. Our monthly rate costs Php 2,700 (discounted price), which is equivalent to 8 sessions in a month. At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to keep up with the monthly fee so I decided to get some financial help from the government (not knowing there are existing government SPED schools). 

Old SPED Center

From the Governor's office to PCSO, I've tried them all...thinking I might possibly get a scholarship for my son. And I even recalled that time where I e-mailed a lot of senators to get some aid support. Unfortunately, only one of them responded, Sen. Cynthia Villar. I received a letter from the mail and they asked me to bring it to the PCSO regional office in Bulacan but sadly, PCSO cannot grant any financial aid even with a letter from the senator.

It really broke my heart to the point of disdain. I discovered a SPED school community at Marcelo H. Del Pilar Memorial School in San Nicolas, Bulakan and classes will start next week. 

This is going to be a whole new bunch of experience for Zac and hopefully, he'll get better and better.

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