Officially Enrolled!!!


Hooray!!! Zac is now officially a student! He's now enrolled at Marcelo H. Del Pilar Memorial School SPED Center in San Nicolas, Bulakan, Bulacan.

A few months back, I've been looking for the nearest SPED school in town because Zac's home school teacher is leaving the country soon and will stay there for good with her family. I've been into different SPED schools but my instinct is telling me that it's not the right school for Zac.

Just when I'm about to give up, somebody from our neighborhood (a granny) asked about my son and how he's been doing? We started talking... I can't remember our exact conversation but she told me about the SPED center in San Nicolas, a 15-minute ride from home. Her grandson, who happens to be a mute, is actually studying at the center. She encouraged me to enroll my son there and so I did!

Sometimes God puts people or strangers in our path for a purpose. And without us even knowing, it's actually God speaking to us.

Truly God works in mysterious ways.

And Zac is now finally taking a step further in his journey. It's time for new adventures, new friends, new teachers and a new environment. Hoping that everything goes well.

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