Buddy Up!


For children with special needs like my son, social skills takes a lot of time and effort. As parents, we need to help them get through this every single day...it's all about sacrifice and dedication.

Getting to school, and meeting new buddies and teachers is a really great help for them to learn the basic social skills they needed for their daily activities so they can behave properly in front of other people. And I am just so grateful to be part of this SPED community in Marcelo Memorial School in San Nicolas, Bulacan.

Every Friday, the students spend an hour or two of physical activities and socialization. Seeing smiles from their faces and how they enjoy every activities, it's warms my heart. Watching my son interact with other students and play with them, I'm truly delighted. There's been quite some changes with my son's behavior since he started going to school.

And it's very important to do a follow-up activities at home, so they will be able to maintain their behavior both in-home and outdoors. And we need everyone on board — every member of the family must cooperate. It's all about teamwork!

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