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Writing difficulties are very common to children with intellectual disability. And with my own experience with Zac, asking him to get a hold of a pencil is already a struggle. Now at seven years old, he still needs physical and verbal prompts to finish his writing session.

Definitely, it will take time but I'm still optimistic that he will eventually improve his writing abilities. Also as a mom, I'm very much aware where he's good at, which is with visual and memorization. I remember there was a time before we go to bed, I read him a book called "The Faces of the World." It was a very brief storybook and it only took me 2-3 minutes to finish. I was amazed how quick he was able to identify the faces of different nationality in a small amount of time. He learned that a chinky-eyed girl is a Chinese and a moreno boy is a Pinoy. and more. Well, what can I say...that's where he's really good at.

And if you have been following this blog for a long time, you should know by now that he's also good at singing and dancing.

For the last few weeks, he's been spending most of his free time watching TV because I have reduced his use of smartphone and so he became familiar with TV shows and Pinoy celebrities.

While waiting for his favorite primetime show - My Love From The Star - I showed him a couple of celebrity photos to test his visual skills. It was a lot of fun and at the very end of the video --- it was hilarious because it was the funniest reaction I got from him.

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