Tougher Than Tough

Parenting is not as easy as it may seem, it's a process of learning. It's not just a subject nor a class course you can simply take in school. There's no such thing as a passing grade, but you have to solve all the problems that comes along. You won't receive any recognition or award for this but you can bring with you all the experiences for the rest of your life.

As mothers, we sometimes assume that we're a better parent than our partners. But we shouldn't think that way. We may have carried our children in our womb for nine months, but it's clearly not the sole basis to prove that we, mothers, are far way better. Our husbands care the same way we care for our kids - same love and same commitment.

At this point in life, I still cannot consider myself a successful mother. I think I still got lots of things to prove to my kids. I may have gone through a lot but I know I'm not even half way there...I know there's more to come. And as long as I'm with my husband, I know we can get through all this together. After all, we have one thing in common - our love for our children.

For now, I can only wish the best for them and I just hope I could witness every milestone in their lives.

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