Great News from Globaltestmarket!


Finally — after waiting for seven months, here's a great news from Globaltesmarket that I'm very much excited about.

Just today, February 25, 2015, I received the good news on my email and here's the screenshot:

I can't wait to redeem my points. 

Thanks to Globaltestmarket for making a great change for the benefit of all the members of your site.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following people: D. Berboso, A Calixijan, J. Adam, S. Spavold, K. Villaruel, J. Bacio, B. Barra, J. Husin and S. Tanalgo. Thanks for your help guys. Your digital signatures were part of the "Calling the Attention of Globaltestmarket" campaign. We have proven that Globaltestmarket value our opinion. It was such a relief!

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