Winning Moment — Certificate of Foodie-ness


I've been a member of EverydayMe since November of 2014 and I've been receiving free samples of P&G products every now and then. But this is the very first time I have won from one (among many) of their online contests. 

It came as a surprise because it's a very tight competition since this website has thousands and thousands of members all over the Philippines. 

And what's really exciting about it is that I get two bags of prizes. I can share the other half to any one I want to and we'll both be Metamucil Ambassadors. 

The prizes consist of: 2 orange bags, 2 tumblers, leaflets, journals, certificates and 2 bottles of Metamucil Daily Fibre Supplement (orange flavor). 

The certificate indicates that I am now a certified Metamucil Ambassador and I have to take part on the 14-day foodie trip challenge which will be very soon. This is what I'm most excited about!!!

I can't wait, this is going to be fun...that's for sure!

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