Walk in my Shoes


Everyday is a struggle. Every moment I wake up, I pray and thanked God for giving me another day to live. 

Who would have thought that at one point in my life, I almost ended my own life...due to depression.

God found a way to put me back together...little by little. HE let me go through struggles and problems that made me appreciate life and living with a purpose. 

Life is not about just happy moments. It's not just about laughter and good memories. You cannot attain happiness and contentment without having to go through tears and pain. 

If you're a mom, you would probably understand me for feeling this way. Like any other superheroes, I have my own weakness...it's my children.

It hurts me to see how most people judge my child. The way they look...I can tell. It hurts me to see how some people deprive your child from doing things like playing or interacting. 

And what hurts me the most is hoping that people close to us, that they will understand my son's condition but they actually don't. And maybe, I should stop expecting more from this people. I can see that they are quite concern but what I needed is a support group, who will be my source of strength at any moment I'm about to fall. I'm still a human after all, which can be vulnerable at times, sometimes physically drained and worst emotionally drained.

Reminiscing my struggles since then, my tears just went rolling down. If you were in my shoes, how would you feel?

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