Fill Your World with Wonder


Commit to God whatever you do and He will establish your plans. - Proverbs 16:3

Some of us are still wondering what's our real purpose in life, trying to figure out what is God's plan for us. There's much more to do in life once we discover our purpose in life and happiness will surely be inevitable.

Life is full of wonders and we're too blind to see how great our world is. We sometimes forget to be grateful of simple things. And if we really want to be happy and contented, we need to appreciate even the tiniest little things around us. 

Presenting "My World of Wonder"! 

A Mother's Road — Being a mom made me realize that things happen for a reason and it will totally make you stronger in wondrous ways. From sacrifices to greatness, that's how I can define a mother's journey.

Yeng Constantino — I love her to death. I enjoy tons of music from pop to RnB. But what sets her apart from other artists is her passion and love for God. It totally transcends in her songs. Now and until the end, I will forever be a fan.

Summer — I always look forward to our summer vacation. It's our family bonding and the kids enjoy it a lot. And even without too much preparation, no one can stop us from getting into the summer heat every year.

As we all know, we only live once. Then let's make the most out of it! Start by being grateful of the simple things in our life. When life hits you hard, don't be afraid to fall. Get back up and learn from it. Be optimistic because life is so wonderful!

How about you? What makes your world wonderful? Share the things that make you who you are. Generate your own meme using the World of Wonder app, just visit

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  1. Yes, Yeng is a powerful testimony. I'm glad that she accepted Jesus into her life. :)

  2. Goodluck to your entry. Hope you win it :)

  3. one can truly say that Yeng is beautiful inside and out :)

  4. Great piece! Hope you win!:)

  5. I love Yeng too! Simple pero astig! I agree that we only lived once so lets make the most out of it!

  6. I really haven't thought about what makes my world wonderful XD

    1. I had a hard time, too. Coz I had to pick just 3 out of so many choices.

  7. Now you've given me something to think about haha. Will check out the website, thanks! :)

  8. It's nice to appreciate the simple things in life. Good luck with your entry mommy!


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