Zac — Entertainer of the Year!


It's just exciting to know that another school year has ended. But what's more exciting is to see your kids get up on stage to receive awards. 

As a parent, I really do not pressure my kids to be so good at everything. I just want them to do what they love, and enjoy childhood as much as possible. 

In Zac's case, it doesn't really matter whether he gets an award or not. What's more important for me is to see him improving and getting better each day. 

But because we have a very loving and dedicated SPED teacher, Mrs. Myrna Ramos. She made it appoint that all the SPED students will each receive an award. We're just so lucky to have her as our SPED teacher in Marcelo H. del Pilar Memorial School in Bulacan. She has so much passion and love for the students that she wants each and every student to be happy on the day of our school recognition.

And as she calls to award the student who entertains a lot of people, I knew it was Zac. I'm not surprise at all, knowing that Zac is funny and friendly. He really gives a great vibe in the room...and that is if he's in a good mood 'cause if not, that would be a different kind of story. 

This day is not just to recognize the students but also to showcase the importance of our one and only SPED teacher because without her, we don't know where else to go. Thanks for staying with us, and we love you Ma'am Myrna! 

The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher. - Luke 6:40

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