JUST IN: Free Downy Parfum Collection


My Downy Parfum Collection samples just arrived today. The Downy Fusion was delivered on time while the Downy Romance was just a replacement for the missing samples last time. 

I thought corruption is only applicable for the political system in our country. I never thought it can also be present in such situations like this. Couriers are abusing the tremendous deliveries from EverydayMe. I am not accusing anyone but I am only speaking based on my own experience.

Experiencing no delivered free items for the first time while my neighbors had theirs was quite saddening but it was also a great opportunity to try the customer service of EverydayMe. I called the toll free number and reported the incident. I waited for a month for the investigation. It took some time but it's okay. And to my surprise, just as the Downy Fusion was delivered, the delivery man showed me a photocopy of the Downy Romance delivery slip under my name but the signature wasn't mine. Suspiciously, I don't believe the courier's explanation - that they accidentally delivered it to a different town way too far from where I live??? But what irked me most was when the delivery man told me not to inform EverydayMe about this or if I would..just tell them that I just misplaced my own sample and found it out of nowhere. Clearly, this man was telling me to LIE. He even said that these are just FREE SAMPLES so it shouldn't be a big deal if the item wasn't delivered. What kind of mentality was that? It only shows that this courier - Topserve Worldwide Express - doesn't serve their purpose right.

HAVE YOU CLAIMED YOURS BUT NO SAMPLES YET? Check out EVERYDAYME DELIVERABLE AREA. It has the list of cities and provinces around the Philippines that are covered by EverydayMe delivery services. You can also contact them at toll-free 1800-1110-1435.

If you want to be on the look out for free samples, online contests and promos, follow my blog on fb.com/mothersroad.

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  1. My samples, according to Everydayme was shipped already. Last year pa yun, the downy timeless, but I did not receive it. Now I'm waiting for another Downy sample, the pink one for baby clothes, I think it was available last February but until wala pa... I have received other samples from everydayme but some did not arrive...

    1. Have you reported the incident? Pag nireport mo kasi i-nonotify nila ung nagdedeliver and they will be investigated. Pag di mo nireport, EverydayMe will assume you receive it. Sa side naman ng deliver man, since walang complaint and report with the first missing samples, gagawin lang nila ulit with the rest of your samples. And worst, dadayain nila ung signature mo. Nakakalungkot isipin di ba?


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