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Finally, I've moved on!

Being a blogger and a digital nomad, smartphone is really an essential part of my daily routine. I use it primarily for work, particularly with e-mails. I have international clients that I work for and with the time difference, it's imperative that I have access to my e-mails all the time and be able to respond to my clients on-time. It also plays an important role for my blog photos and personal events.

So after losing my smartphone, I was totally frustrated. It was a big deal for me considering it was a newly acquired phone after re-contracting my postpaid plan. It took me a while to accept the fact that whoever took my phone has no intention of giving it back to me. I even locked my phone so he wouldn't have the chance to get into my emails, social media or bank accounts. I even tried calling it, hoping he would answer the phone but no, he didn't. I even left a message on the lock screen, telling him to contact my other mobile number so he can return my phone back. I'm actually more concerned about my files and online accounts back then so I needed to change all my online passwords after that incident. It had a great impact on me that I was even hesitant, or more like traumatized, to even buy a new phone because the thought of losing it again keeps haunting me.

But after getting through the stages of grief, I've finally moved on. I've finally accepted the reality that my phone is gone. That there's not even a single chance to get it back. And as part of moving on, I thought it's time to get a new phone. So I started looking up online for new mobile phones available in the market. I read forums and product reviews all over the net, and I'm just overwhelmed with too much information. But what really captured my attention is this new OPPO F1s. With all the remarkable reviews I read and heard about OPPO F1s Selfie Expert, I decided to get to know more about it.

One major factor that would influence me to buy a new phone is its camera function. As a blogger, I want a smartphone that can produce high quality photos for my blog so I don't need to buy a separate gadget or digital camera. I want something handy that I can take whenever and wherever. With OPPO F1s, it comes with a 16MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera, which for me makes a good impression and I'm expecting a pretty good result.

I think OPPO F1s is very ideal for bloggers who are always on the go like me. It has a nice selection of filters for easy photo editing so I can instantly share photos and selfies online. As a parenting blogger, I always take selfies with my kids and I personally like the "Shine" filter as it looks very natural. It definitely fits my personality and I think it will match my newly-designed blog template. See some of the OPPO F1s Selfie Filters below.

With OPPO's "Selfie Expert" status quo, I find it very interesting, and it makes them stand out among other mobile brands I'm eyeing for. For its price of less than Php13,000 it's a very reasonable offer and I also think that its camera is a lot better than other phones that fall in a similar price range. And so far, the reviews and feedback are quite impressive that boost a positive effect that may influence my purchasing decision. 

Are you are also interested to know more about OPPO F1s, here's the rest of the specifications:

5.5 inches HD 720p display | MediaTek MT6750 64-bit Octa-core processor | 3GB RAM +32GB ROM with microSD support | 16MP front camera +13MP rear camera | 3075 mAh (Typical) Li-Po Battery | ColorOS 3.0, Android 5.1

OPPO F1s is now available in limited edition space gray!

For more information, you may also visit www.oppo.com/en/smartphone-f1s.

Want to get the OPPO F1s today?

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