Winning Moment — Standard Appliances


It was in December 2016 when I won from joining Standard Appliances' My Favorite Cookbook Recipe Facebook Promo. 

Two months have passed and I finally got time to claim my prize in Makati. I actually won 12 pieces of limited edition Standard Appliances T-shirt and a Standard Cookbook. The team behind this promo was really nice to allow me to claim it considering it's been months so here's a shout out to - AdSin/Digital Ad! Thanks guys!

It's truly worth it to travel all the way to Makati from Bulacan because the cook book is really useful for moms like me. And it's not just an ordinary cookbook. It's a compilation of recipes using different types of Standard kitchen appliances such as turbo broiler, blender, oven toaster and more (just like the Standard Cookbook Recipe app). Apparently, not everyone is gifted with cooking skills like me so having a cookbook is very valuable.

Again, thanks to Standard Appliances and Digital Ad/Adspin. If you also want to join in their online promos and contest, you can follow them on

And if you want to be on the look out for free samples, online contests and promos, just follow my blog on

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