Recyled Maracas from Yakult Bottles


I was inspired by my husband to make this DIY Tube Maracas for our daughter's school project with the theme: recycled materials. My husband happens to be a musician and has been wanting to make a tube maracas as an addition to his percussion instruments. It can also be an alternative toys for kids.

D.I.Y. Tube Maracas

What you'll need:
  • empty Yakult bottles
  • scouring pads
  • dry cloth or rag
  • rice (raw)
  • instant glue or adhesive
  • cardboard boxes or newspaper
  • spray paint
1. Wash the Yakult bottles thoroughly and let it dry.
2. Lightly sand each bottle using the scouring pad. Rub back and forth in one direction. Remove dust with a dry cloth.

3. Pour some rice on one of the bottles (half-full) and leave the other bottle empty.

4. Apply adhesive (with caution) on the opening of the empty bottle and attach it to the other bottle. Seal the bottles properly to avoid rice spill.

5. Spray paint the bottles. Use some newspaper sheets or cardboard boxes to avoid paint spills and splatters. Technique: Once you're done with the first coating, let it dry. Then, lightly sand it before doing the second coating.

I was so amazed with the outcome because it doesn't look like it was made out of Yakult bottles. Totally awesome!

Time to turn up the music!!!

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