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What brought you here is the same reason why I wanted to share some of the work at home jobs I am aware of, because searching for home based opportunities online will lead you to a bunch of results and it’s just so hard to recognize legitimate from not.

I initially worked with kgb_ Philippines in 2010. Read here and find out how I started out with my freelancing career. It feels amazing to work from home and still be able to fulfill my duties as a mom, that's why I want to inspire more stay at home moms out there who might be interested in pursuing a career in this virtual generation.

A variety of online jobs are just a few clicks away, but so are scams. Scam sites are designed to offer genuine online jobs to trick you. If a website is asking you to pay a registration fee, most likely it's a scam and it's best to stay away from those phishing sites who just want to extract information and money from you and does not guarantee you an employment in the long run.

So to make your online job hunting a lot easier, here's a few work at home opportunities you may want to take a look at.

Being a work at home mom requires time management, focus and discipline.  I hope you find this blog really helpful and I wish you luck in finding your first online job.

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