FREE Johnson's Milk + Rice Coupons and Booklet


in partnership of Johnson & Johnson and Robinsons Supermarket

Redemption Period until September 15, 2016

Rough Explorers is giving away a free e-voucher that entitles you to get 2 JOHNSON’S® MILK + RICE discount coupons and a complementary copy of a Rough Explorers skin check book.


1. Go to Rough Explorers.

2. Complete the registration process.

3. Check your email for your e-voucher.

4. I insist that you print the e-mail instead of just saving it on your phone gallery.

5. Present the printed email and a photocopy of your valid ID to participating Robinsons Supermarket branches (Customer Service Area) to claim you discount coupons and booklet.


I went all the way to Robinsons Place Malolos to claim these free items. The customer service attendant doesn't seem to know about this free promo. She even told me that the promo is only for recently purchased J&J products and the free items will automatically appear on the receipt. But I insisted that this was posted on Johnson's Facebook Page very recently and that all I have to do is present or show the e-voucher right from my phone, as stated on the e-mail. She consulted her manager and they checked their system. Upon checking, I was advised to print out the e-mail to claim my free items. 

Good thing, there was a Tronix Imaging Center at the mall. I printed out the email and head back to the CSA. This time around, they ask for a photocopy of my ID. I was like....REALLY? Why didn't you told me earlier? But that was all in the mind. I was simply asking for a free sample so I shouldn't be rude, right. So  do I have a choice? I head back to the 2nd floor to get my ID photocopied at Expressions. Then head back once more at the CSA. Finally, I got what I wanted. 

But the booklet is not what I've expected. I thought it was a bigger one...but well, that's how it is. It's still cute though and it's a little interactive booklet plus I also got 2 discount coupons anyways, which I can use at any Robinsons Supermarket.


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