The Significance of Celebrating Birthdays


Good memories are contributing factors on how a person perceives life.

It has been a part of our tradition to celebrate birthdays with a bang! The 1st, 7th, and 18th birthdays are mostly the celebrated milestones of our life. But is it really that necessary?

As we celebrate Zac's 7th birthday this year, we took a break from the usual parties and gatherings. I knew for a fact that Zac will never enjoy things like that. For those readers who are new to my blog, my son is a child with special needs. He's a very hyperactive kid and he has an intellectually disability. He will not appreciate clowns and party games like ordinary kids. His guests would probably do, but not him. I was thinking about things that Zac would love to do on his birthday. After all, it's his birthday! What's really important is how we spend the day that will make it memorable for him.

And with that in mind, I made a decision which I think is best for him. I always take his condition into account and I believe I did the right thing. So my husband and I decided to take him to a place where he would enjoy this day the most. We took him to Kidzoona and he had so much fun. Watch my first ever Vlog below.

Birthdays are truly remarkable for every child. It doesn't have to be fancy because as parents, what we need to prioritize more is to provide our kids with the best memories of their childhood. Memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Memories that they will keep forever in their hearts. 

God has always been good to us and Zac is an epitome of His unconditional love.

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