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In line with the shocking news of Paypal blocking many PTC sites and companies including paying and legit sites and since I can no longer withdraw my earnings from PTC sites to Paypal, I decided to find an alternative online payment processors. My main concern here is to find the best and suitable withdrawal option for Pinoys, like me. And to make sure that I'm providing you the right information, there's been a long exchange of e-mails before I finally got the information I needed.

See the fees and options of the following online payment processors:

  Payza Withdrawal Options  

Bank Wire* - $15 per request
Minimum Withdrawal Amount - $40
Credit/Debit Card - Currently Disabled

*Bank Wire withdrawals in USD is not available and you can withdraw the funds in GBP or Euro currency and Also, if you would like the funds to be converted to another currency after you receive the wire, you must verify with your bank whether the funds will be converted automatically upon receipt or accepted as Euro (€) or GBP (£). - Message from Payza Customer Support

  Skrill Withdrawal Options  

Bank Wire** - 5.50 EUR per request
Minimum Withdrawal Amount - 10 EUR
Mobile Wallet: GCash or Smart Money - 1.9% (capped at 20 EUR)

**USD bank wire transfer requests will be executed in EUR. If your request is in USD, an foreign exchange charge of 3.99% will apply. - Message from Skrill Customer Support

  NETELLER Withdrawal Options  

Bank Wire*** - 10.50 EUR per request
Minimum Withdrawal Amount - 10 EUR
Money Transfer (Member to Member Transfer) - 1.9% (capped at $20)

***Additional fees may apply from the intermediaries involved as it would be an international payment. - Message from Neteller Facebook Chat Support

For all transactions involving currency conversion (for example US Dollars to Philippine Peso), payment processors usually charge an additional 3.99% fee. This is a foreign exchange processing fee to protect payment processors against exchange rate fluctuations.

And based from the information I've collected, I have decided to finally sign up with Skrill. If you also want to sign up with this payment processor, just click here.

Why Skrill? Skrill have the lowest fee among these three popular payment processors. Another factor is its mobile wallet feature that makes it more suitable for Philippine residents.

For the coming days, you might see more updates regarding Skrill withdrawal so keep an eye on my blog.

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