Zac — Mr. Motivated


With additional SPED teachers this school year, it has been a more productive year for both students and teachers. Zac has improved his behavior at school. Thanks to his new teacher, Ms. Leslie Mae Dugtong who has been very patient with him. My son ultimately realized that school is not always about play time.

He was trained to say "please" or utter words if he wants a toy instead of simply pointing at it. A cubicle was also built for kids who have attention issues just like him so he can concentrate and focus on his lesson. He also has a tendency of hurting other students so it's also a great idea to have him study in a closed room or cubicle.

And as this school year ends, I am very proud that he was awarded as "Mr. Motivated". Technically, he is really more motivated compared to last year. There are still behavior that needs to be developed but we will get step at a time.

It's been a great year! In two months time, we will get back to school once again for another learning adventure.

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