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Zach is a special child. At first, I was in denial but now, I know in my heart that he's truly special! But there are instances wherein random people approach me just to ask terrible questions. Do I really have to explain it to them? Do I really have to tell them the whole story? I don't really care about their opinion. Or maybe I'm not yet ready to share our story. For the meantime, I want to keep it to myself. And for sure, time will come that I am ready to share this story to everyone.

Does he do crazy things? Yes, he does!

Does he have tantrums? Yes, and it's definitely outrageous!

Whenever he wants something, I have to give it or else he'll bump his head into anything or knock down anything he sees.

His mood swings are very unpredictable.

Can I handle him? Not at all times.

Is he a happy kid? Yes, he is! And he even shouts really really loud.

But the day will not end without him making you smile...he has lots of funny gestures that you'll surely love.

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